Our Concept

The TBM GROUP is a hairdressing and beauty professional group in Japan leading the Vietnamese hair fashion industry.

The TBM GROUP is based in Tokyo, Ginza and has been providing comprehensive hair and beauty services to help our customers shine for half a century.

Hair styles and trends have changed much over the last 50 years.
Between the late 1990s and early 2000s, the constant focus on the hairdressing and beauty industry led to a design-first type of thinking that completely overlooked the need to care for the customer’s hair and skin.

However, our group did not let itself caught up in such a trend and continued to put customers first while improving our standards.

We bring know-how nurtured in the highly competitive Japanese market, and skills including how to establish a treatment salon that allows customers to keep their hair and hair style always beautiful. Moreover, we bring the warm spirit of “hospitality” that can connect people, and we promise to follow the three Cs to provide unique Japanese value.

  • Cleanliness
  • Corectness
  • Cheerfulness

Skills accumulated over a long history that entitles us to be called a long-standing company in Japan.
We provide beauty and health support using the finest beauty products.
Japan quality, together with safety and hospitality.
Last but not least, know-how, culture and language handed down through employment.

The TBM GROUP will continue to lead Vietnam’s hair fashion industry through creating new stores and contributing to society.